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By James Koppel, MIT computer scientist and software coach

Jimmy took me from being that coder that people tolerated because of “potential” and taught me so much that I had Google and Facebook fighting over me, then had all the hottest teams at Facebook fighting over me.

Oh, and my salary increased 67%.

Sarah, Palo Alto

Here’s what you’ll learn inside

Lots of engineers miss their own habits that make their job harder. I’ve collected 7 of the most counterintuitive ideas about how to write good code. You’ll learn:

  • When is “simplifying” actually “complexifying?”
  • Why checking for errors might mean your code is less robust
  • How many programmers refactor the wrong way
  • The problem with writing tests based on the code
  • 5 tips for “watching yourself on film” so you can learn faster
  • And a special free gift from me


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About Me

Since the age of 18, I have been obsessed with the problem of automating software maintenance, and trained for years in program analysis and synthesis, how to teach computers to think about code. I soon discovered this perspective offers massive insights about how we humans should think about code. When I started working for Apptimize at age 21, I soon discovered myself outperforming engineers with over a decade of experience.

After a few occasions sharing my knowledge, I realized that I could have far greater impact in an hour of coaching than an hour of coding, and started doing so professionally in early 2016. I now divide my time between discovering better ways of writing better program transformation and synthesis tools as a member of MIT’s Computer-Aided Programming group, and training software engineers how to write better code.

Jimmy Koppel, Ph. D.

Founder and CEO, Mirdin