Case Study

Scaled Software Skills from 3 to 8 Ratings and Achieved Engineering Manager Role with Mirdin’s Course


Name: Alon Honig

Occupation: Engineering Manager

Company: Sotheby’s

LinkedIn: Click Here

” Mirdin has been a very positive influence on my career. It’s increased my growth trajectory and let me do things I never would have done otherwise”

Before Taking the Course:

  • Limited software engineering skills (rated 3-4 out of 10).
  • Struggled to understand complex software systems.
  • Uncertain about configuring the main loop of the system.
  • Frustrated and lost money due to ineffective problem-solving.
  • Difficulty in identifying and implementing solutions.

After Taking the Course:

  • Improved software engineering skills (rated 7-8 out of 10) and became an Engineering Manager
  • Easily comprehends complex software problems and devises effective solutions.
  • Saved time by being able to skip tech-specific trainings
  • Gained fluency in technical jargon and became a better communicator and mentor
  • Cultivated unwavering confidence in coding tasks and decision-making.
  • Ability to apply learned principles and patterns to various software challenges.

Who is Alon Honig? 

Meet Alon Honig, a dynamic and driven software engineer with a 12 years wealth of experience in the technology industry. His passion for innovation and a strong penchant for problem-solving has driven him to seek opportunities for continuous growth in his profession.

Before the Mirdin training, Alon was working on C++ and was struggling to understand how to use it effectively. He mentions, “I was just having a hard time understanding what we were trying to do and being able to do it effectively”

Why Mirdin?

In his pursuit of professional growth, Alon discovered Mirdin, a reputable company renowned for its comprehensive and practical software engineering courses.

What caught his attention was the company’s hands-on approach and emphasis on real-world problem-solving skills. “So the first result of the training was I was able to understand a software problem, break it down, and come up with a solution very quickly,” says Alon.

Results Post-Mirdin 

After completing the Miridin training, Alon experienced a profound transformation in his capabilities and confidence. Armed with the knowledge acquired from the course, he felt better prepared to tackle complex software engineering challenges with ease and precision. 

He mentions how easier was for him to understand what was really being talked about when it came to software design problems “… I was able to understand the language associated with fellow developers, senior software engineers, as well as thought leaders,”. 

One surprising benefit is that he’s actually saved time on trainings thanks to Mirdin. He explained: “it’s given me a lot of time because I don’t need to take as many particular training courses and certification. The Mirdin toolkit has given me enough understanding to dive deeply into any new tool and software and break it apart.” As an example, he explained that he had built a stronger understanding of Terraform that all but one or two of the other employees at a previous company, even though many of them had taken a dedicated course on Terraform, and he hadn’t.

When asked how Mirdin helped him, he answers, “I started off as an analyst, and I got to end as an engineering manager, and Mirdin helped me do that…. Mirdin helped upskill me so I could achieve my goals.”

Embracing New Challenges & Empowering Others

In the high-stakes world of high-frequency trading, Alon Honig faced a critical dilemma when the trading system went rogue, causing significant losses. During the crisis, Alon realized he was the only engineer who understood the root cause of the issue. He explained, “Once you learn the principles, you can apply those patterns extensively, understanding various domains quickly.”

Armed with this knowledge, Alon pinpointed a fundamental flaw and realized that a more robust solution was necessary to avoid such risks in the future. The Miridin course transformed his approach to problem-solving, making him an invaluable asset in navigating intricate software challenges.

Alon’s growth didn’t stop with him; he became a valuable resource to his peers, providing guidance and support to address complex software engineering problems effectively. “Because of the time and skill that I’ve gained from working for Mirdin, I’m able to help other people with their problems, understand where they’re coming from, and help guide them to a solution,” says Alon.

Final Thoughts

Alon’s journey with Mirdin Training has been nothing short of transformative. His newfound skills and understanding have not only accelerated his career but also enriched his ability to explore cutting-edge technologies with confidence.

He mentioned how one of the benefits of the course was the community that came with it “So one benefit that I personally really enjoy is it’s a great community of people. They all seem really interested in software engineering, and they’re very helpful and friendly. And that’s something that I really appreciate I know that if I ever have a problem, I can go there, and it’s going to be taken very seriously and addressed really well.” says Alon. 

When asked about the value of the course and if it was what he expected, he added, “….did I get more value than I spent? Then absolutely, 100%.”

The success story of Alon Honig exemplifies the profound impact of Mirdin Training on a software engineer’s career trajectory. 

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