Case Study

Hourly Rate Increased by 42% After Taking Software Design Course!


Name: João Forja

Occupation: Software Developer

Company: Self-Employed


“I went from $70/hour to $100/hour, and that’s like a 42% increase. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to ask for a higher rate because I realized what I know now because of this software design course. I know am capable of doing…. which is not something you find just anywhere.”

Before the Software Design Course:

  • Under-confident in abilities and worth in the software engineering market.
  • Struggled with understanding advanced software design concepts.
  • Perceived as intermediate, not reaching senior-level expertise and authority.
  • Uncertain about freelancing success.
  • Believed knowledge and abilities were common and easily replicated.

After the Software Design Course:

  • Negotiated a 42% increase in hourly rate with confidence.
  • Mastered advanced software design principles.
  • Transitioned successfully to a more senior-level role.
  • Thrived as a freelancer.
  • Realized that his newfound unique and valuable knowledge was not easily found.
  • Better equipped to effectively navigate emerging technologies like GPT-4.

Meet João Forja

João is a self-employed software developer, a job that necessitates continuous growth and evolution to remain competitive. He felt under-confident and struggled with some advanced software design concepts. João believed his skills were common and not unique enough to stand out.

Why Mirdin?

João discovered our advanced software design course during an Amazon book review. His curiosity piqued, he started delving into related videos and blogs and eventually decided to enroll.

He recalls, “The representable valid principle… that’s the one that pops up the most for me? Because it’s the one that’s easiest to apply in the real world.” The third module, focusing on this principle, was a game-changer for him, providing a solid foundation for understanding more complex designs and spotting coding issues.

“I can say that it gave me the courage to ask for more…So yeah, I went from $70 to $100. That’s like a 42% increase,” João shares, expressing how the course boosted his confidence and courage to negotiate a higher hourly rate, resulting in a substantial 42% increment.

The Future of Software Engineering

While AI, like GPT-4, is gaining popularity, João feels that the need for skilled software engineers won’t fade. He remarks, “A lot of software design is also understanding that you need to mitigate the worst-case scenarios… if ChatGPT-4 gives you a faulty piece of software, that’s faulty in weird ways…then it’s not really helpful.”

Paying It Forward

Satisfied with the course, João has not hesitated to recommend it to several colleagues. He gives it a “10 out of 10” but cautions that the course isn’t for everyone—best suited for intermediate-level professionals looking to hone their skills.

“I’ve already introduced it to a bunch of people…Like every time I found a potential candidate, I would recommend the course.”

Final Thoughts

João believes the software design course isn’t just about mastering software engineering. It boosts your self-confidence, helps you understand your professional worth, and equips you with the skills to navigate the future of the industry.

He advises, “If you’re aware of your shortcomings, and you have money to spend. Then spend it! Aim higher in your life! Try to be a better professional, and make more money! Like why wouldn’t you? Don’t be complacent, take action.”

Ready to take your software design skills to the next level?