Case Study

From Intermediate to Tech Lead: Journey of Confidence and Skill Growth


Name: Confidential

Occupation: Software Developer

Company: Confidential

“I had a strong grasp of front-end engineering and felt confident in my implementation skills, but I somehow knew I was missing the bigger picture and opportunities in other areas. After taking the course, I gained the confidence to broaden my horizons and explore different domains. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to expand their skill set and transition into new areas with confidence.”

Before Taking the Course:

  • Confident in front-end skills but struggled with the bigger picture.
  • Skills between intermediate and advanced, unsure of technical abilities.
  • Needed guidance to advance career and learn new skills.
  • Seeked clarity on code readability and best practices.


After Taking the Course:

  • Gained confidence to expand skills and explore new areas.
  • Shifted perspective on code readability, embracing objective standards.
  • Found a career “North Star” that helped him map out a clear professional growth roadmap.
  • Applied recurring principles for more effective daily tasks.
  • Humbled and gained awareness of skill level.
  • Embraced future-proofing and prioritizing data over code.
  • Guided team effectively with newfound knowledge and accountability.

The Advanced Software Design course helped this student transition from an intermediate software engineer to an advanced one, and it impacted his approach to coding and software design.

“It gave me a lot of confidence to engage in more discussions, which I think gave me more perceived seniority in the company.”

The student emphasized how he found great value in the Advanced Software Design course. Although initially skeptical, he quickly recognized the course’s unique blend of theory and practicality. He felt that it was a great way for experienced developers to step back, analyze their practices, and learn advanced skills to improve their software design abilities.

The student also appreciated the course’s longevity value, extending beyond the lectures to the ongoing Slack community discussions. He described this as a well-curated source of information that he would struggle to find elsewhere. Even though he mainly observed these discussions, he found them extremely valuable and even compared them to having his ‘ear to the ground,’ knowing the current trends in the software world.

“The course gave me a North Star and changed how I write code, striving for more readability and prioritizing certain principles.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that the course made him more self-aware about his own expertise level. Before starting the course, he had considered himself between an intermediate to an early advanced level. However, the course made him realize there was much more to learn, humbling him and offering him a ‘North Star’ for his coding journey.

When asked about the most valuable modules in the course, The student mentioned the RV and embedded design principles. He felt these principles were highly applicable in his day-to-day coding activities. Also, he highlighted the future-proofing and data over code modules as areas that sparked his curiosity.

“The course gave me a better understanding of code readability and set a clearer goal for me to strive towards. It deepened my appreciation for the importance of writing clean, maintainable code.”

One of the major ways the course changed his approach to coding was through a deepened understanding of code readability. The student shared that while he had always aimed for readability, the course gave him a better sense of what readability truly entails, thus setting a clearer goal for him to strive towards.

Even though the student recognized that sharing these ‘cheat codes’ with his colleagues might put them on the same level, he saw it as an integral part of his job to help his engineers improve. At the same time, he held faith in his ambition to stay ahead and continuously learn from the material.

“I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to expand their skills and gain confidence in their software engineering practices.”

In conclusion, the student found his journey through the Advanced Software Design course to be incredibly beneficial. He appreciated the course’s blend of theory and practicality, its insightful community discussions, and its influence on his approach to coding. He highly recommends the course to software engineers looking to take the next career step.

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